2023 TourneyPass+ Team Membership

2023 TourneyPass+ Team Membership

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Type your team name and age group in the notes field at checkout.

A sign-up link will be created for your 24 VIP Gate Pass Members to complete and receive their membership card.

If interested, teams can mail a check to:
ETS Sports 
PO Box 3542
Muncie, IN 47307

 The 2023 TourneyPass program is exclusively available to teams interested in participating in ETS Sports tournaments.  

For a one-time payment of $2100 TourneyPass teams have access to the entire list of ETS Sports tournaments for FREE.  Additionally, TourneyPass teams have a GUARANTEED spot in any tournament if purchased and registered by the end of the year.

Once the TourneyPass is purchased, your team will be given a custom coupon code to discount or eliminate the fee associated with tournaments as you register.

In addition to TourneyPass, ETS Sports will be offering a VIP Gate Pass for fans to give them free gate access to ETS Sports tournaments (excludes BPA World Series).  The VIP gate pass is $50/person.  For an additional $1000, you can purchase TourneyPass+ that includes 24 VIP gate passes. (save an additional $200)

There are 17 weeks of tournaments available across, and possibly more being added soon!  Have comfort in knowing that if another tournament you have on the schedule is canceled or rained out that you can easily add a makeup tournament without having to worry about coming up with the extra funds to pay for it. 

In 2022 we had teams participate in a season of tournaments for less than $250/each by taking advantage of the program!  Check out the schedule below and get signed up for TourneyPass today!