Newton Park Tournaments

Baseball and Fastpitch tournaments held at Newton Park

Newton Park is located in the north west corner of Indiana in the town of Lakeville at the intersection of U.S.31 and State Road 4. The park is just 10 minutes south of South Bend, IN on U.S 31 in St. Joseph county. The park can be accessed from either the east side (off of U.S. 31) The east entrance is accessed off U.S. 31 and has parking for 160 vehicles. Parking is for passenger vehicles only. * No Motor Homes or trailers. * If you will be bringing a Motor Home please contact Newton Park for detailed parking instructions. *Newton Park, covering 35 acres in Lakeville, IN, is one of the premier sports complexes in the Midwest. Sitting just 15 minutes South of South Bend and The University of Notre Dame. This facility will host some of the best youth sporting organizations the United States has to offer. Proudly providing events for The Baseball Players Association (BPA). As of the spring of 2005, Newton Park began hosting youth baseball tournaments, youth softball tournaments, and youth soccer tournaments. The complex houses two fully lighted baseball fields, two fully lighted softball fields, and four fully lighted soccer fields. The center piece of the baseball/softball fields is a Golden Dome that can be seen from every corner of the 35 acre facility. The lower level contains restroom facilities and a fully stocked concession. The upper level holds a media room, scoreboard operators and a 360 degree view of the entire park.

* NO Bikes, Skateboards, or In-Line Skating * NO Weapons, Smoking or Tobacco * NO Violence or Profanity * NO Defacing of Property * NO Alcohol or Drugs * NO Animals * Children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult or legal guardian. * Please be a good steward and help keep your park clean and neat by disposing of trash properly and using the color-coded recycling bins. * Newton Park Inc., Union-North United School Corp., Park Contributors, or Sponsors will not be held liable for injury, death, damage, or property loss.